007 Legends – Nintendo Wii U

September 27, 2013

007 Legends - Nintendo Wii U
007 Legends – Nintendo Wii U Detail

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007 Legends – Nintendo Wii U Description

James Bond: 007 Legends is an Action-Adventure First-Person Shooter set to release during the fiftieth anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. The overall storyline of the game is woven together through mission play that is based on the plots of several Bond movies, including the 2012 release, “Skyfall.” Additional features include: investigative, surveillance and stealth skills, dynamic freeform melee action, signa…

Wii-U Exclusives Mini-games – players can utilize the DRC gamepad to “control the hand of Bond” in order to manipulate the world in a more tactile way, such as flipping switches, breaking into safes and much, much more. Gadgets and map functionality – fans will have quicker access to gadgets with a simple tap of the gamepad screen and they will have increased map visibility that will help them find new objectives, hidden collectibles and more. Multi-player modes – 007 Legends will featu…

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007 Legends - Nintendo Wii U